Monday, July 5, 2010


During my college years I was not big as I am currently. I have change a lot since I started my job as a call center representative. I am not able to do the usual things that I am doing before. I used to engage with sports and do frequent exercises to have good health.

Now, since my shift starts 8pm and will end 5am after my shift my eyes long for sleep instead of a morning exercise. Not to mention that the sleep I have during days has a different effect on me when I am sleeping during evenings.

During my 2 day Rest day I spend 1 day just for sleep and 1 day for a movie marathon. Right now I prefer just to stay at home and watch movie rather than going outside.

Also, one of the reason why I am getting bigger and bigger is because my eating habit is not anymore on the right time. I eat my breakfast during midnight and have my lunch on mornings.

I would really say that on my current state I really cannot have a healthy body as I have before.But I still hope that I can still achieve my goal to be fit again in my own simple ways by controlling the food that I intake. Still, I'm still fat but I'm seeing results in what I'm doing currently and is hoping that this would be a start of a big change.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Oxis International

ll of us wanted to be young but seems to hard to achieve. We tried
various ways and undergo treatments but is not successful maintaining our
active body and young looks since current products is not able to sustain
our body needs.

Research started and was able to find a better way to slow down aging.
They're able to find out that if oxidant stress will be eliminated thus
being young and healthy is not impossible.

Oxidant stress are the one causing body to age faster. It makes your
healthy cell unstable due to the excessive production of free radicals
on body. It causes abnormality to our body and disturbs the function of
our healthy cells.

Glutathione is one of the antioxidants which helps neutralize the
excessive production of free radicals and make the healthy cells stable.
It's one of the known anti aging product used by almost all of us and has
proven it's effect.

After glutathione has proven it's effect OXIS has continuously researched
a better substance which exceeds the effect of glutathione. OXIS research
has found out that Ergothioneine also known as "ERGO" has a better effect
that glutathione. It doubles the speed for eliminating free radicants on
body and it also helps healthy cells to work on it's function. ERGO is
also proven to counteract different health abnormalities on our body.

OXIS is giving out a penny stock to those who are interested on helping out for the research and development of ERGO products.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Do we have the right to complain?

I thought that my life sucks because all things that I've done till now was not according to plan. I never planned to work while attending school. I never planned to break the expectation of my parents. But unfortunately, that's whats happening right now.

I envied those people who are born wealthy, wealthy enough to tend there needs. No need to strive because everything is provided to them. They don't need to worry if they will fail in school because they have their family supporting them. But how about those people who are like me?

I was sitting and thinking on what to post next, then again I remembered about the experienced I had when I'm applying in a call center industry here in Davao City. There was so many people trying to apply for a limited slot. I started 8:30 in the morning to be the first to be interviewed. Luckily I was hired and will have to start the training.

If you think about it I really am blessed because eventhough I have so many frustration in life there are a lot of people who are not lucky to have a job. Some people are even begging to be hired but unfortunately did not get it.

I even have friends who are working there asses for them to enter college. So what am I to complain when I'm more blessed than them. I was hired and was given the priviledge to go to college and they're not.

All of us may complain and all of us may be frustrated with our lives. But there are people who are not lucky enough to have what we have right now. I realized that I don't have the right to complain nor the right to compare because I'm already blessed with all I have right now.

We are in a civilized society. We maybe poor but we are not starving. We may have less but other don't have any. So do we have the right to compare and to complain? there's a picture that will answer all of our questions.

I hope that Fedge Shacks and Callboy from Davao can also realize how blessed we all are

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A fat boy trying to play basketball

All of my friends planned to play basketball and sweat ourselves. I was not that interested because I'm not that good in playing basketball and my height really is a disadvantage. But then I got along with them hoping that there's something good will happen. All players are good in playing basketball except me who's siting on the bench drinking iced tea.

They needed 1 person to complete the 3 on 3 players and I am the only 1 left who's available. I was forced to join the game. It was about 15mins when we started and I'm sweating like crazy. It was the first time in my whole year that I played basketball. I didn't have any exercise nor stretching before playing. My bones are cracking like hell and my body is begging to stop.

I took a rest after a 12 points game but they are planning again to play another 12 points game. I said no this time, I can't bear to pain any longer. I can't stand anymore because my legs are numb and looks like it doesn't have any strength to walk.

We decided to eat dinner on one of my friends house. We ordered "lechon manok" and "barbecue". While we are eating I realize that they are staring and laughing at me because I was eating like I haven't eaten for a week. Can't blame them but they also can't blame me because I was so tired and need to regain my strength.

I went home and took a bath, it was so refreshing when I feel water on me. I was ready to go to sleep. And as I went to bed I thought about what happen earlier. I laugh at myself and said a fat boy like me is trying to play basketball like never before.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A place to take a break "Eagle's Ridge"

I really wanted to take a break and get out of my fast moving world even for a while. A rest that will satisfy my exhausted mind and body. I wanted to go somewhere we're I can't see a glimpse of city, less buildings, less people, less pollution.

Sometimes we forget to take a break and relax due to how busy our life becomes, busy for work, so busy doing all responsibilities needed to be done on a given time.

We've got out team building in "Eagle's Ridge" and it was so refreshing, the view was so environmental and the ambiance was great. The place is not that great if you compare to boracay and other expensive places but I really am sure that If you need a break! it's one of the places that you can loosen up your body and relax. It was fun staying in that place because we are many and we enjoyed spending our time together.

It's a place were you can create good memories in which you can share and reminisce with because it's a place that can make you forget about all the problems you had and only think about the joyful experiences. Many says that we need to stick up to reality, but reality sucks and we can't do anything about it. Just find a way to enjoy and relax in our own simle ways by spending times with our pears or with our love ones.

No matter how much stree we become, no matter how exhausted our body is, take a break! create a joyous memories which can make you wake up everyday with a smile on our faces.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Nobody's Love Story

A nobody is not given worth
nor a chance to be listened, nor a chance to be heard

a nobody felt pain
even shed tears but never complain

a nobody feels hurt
but never say a word
because a nobody knows fully
that he is unheard

but a nobody can change a typical love story........
typically love is fantasy
full of happiness and not misery

like a princess kissed by her prince
or a frog kissed by a princess
fell in love with each other
and lived happily ever after

A nobody's love story shows what reality is
a princess will not fall in love with a nobody's kiss
nor a princess will not kiss if you're not a handsome prince

but being nobody is not bad
in fact you need to be glad
because nobody knows what a nobody can do
nobody knows that you've got a better YOU,,,,,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Song to Dedicate

Since before I really love to write poems and share it with my friends. I also love to play guitar even though I'm not that good at it. But most of all what I really would love to do is to make songs. First I create a tune and associate my lyrics with it. The types of song that I make depends on my emotions when I'm making it. Some may not like my songs but what I can say is that, this songs that I make are songs to dedicate. A song that speak my feelings and a song asking to be heard.


I've got something to tell you
that I wanted you to know
I need you here with me
since the beginning and till the rest of my days

I wanted you to know
How much I need you so
eventhough you push me, kick me away

I need you here with me
speak and talk to me
thi is all my imagination

I need you by my side sleeping to tight
and this is all my REVELATION

Please listen for a minute
don't turn you back at me when Im talking to you
I dont exchange
for the love that I've given you, (and I want you to know)

repeat (REFRAIN)

repeat (Chorus)

This is the reality..
That I'l never be with you
I'm stuck on my own creation
my illusion is you

repeat (Chorus)


--Come Back to me--

Don't you know me?!
couldn't you recognize my face?!
Can't you see me?!
I feel so empty without you

Come back to me
put this pain away
don't leave me hanging
don't leave me here this way

Don't tell me that you don't remember anything
it's just so sudden and I'm still feeling the pain

Why'd you tend to hurt me?
is it that easy?
why did you leave me?
you just vanish leaving a simple letter.

repeat (chorus)


--Kaibigan mo lang ako--

nakikinig sa kantang di maintindihan
naglalakd kahit di alam ang pupuntahan
di ko malaman kung ano ang dahilan
masakit isipin pero kailangan tanggapin

ano ba tong nararamdaman ko
di ko mapigilan oh di ko maitago
sana ay tuluyang maglaho
ang sakit na dulot nito

Kaibigan mo lang ako, Alam ko!
di kailangan ipilit ang sarili sayo
sana ay masaya ka sa piling nya
at sa problema mo'y daramayan ka nya

Gusto ko lang ipadama sayo
ang pag ibig na tunay na siyang iaalay ko
di ko malaman kung ano ang totoo
masakit isipin peo kailangan tanggapin

repeat (chorus)


This hobby that I have makes me feel comfortable and if I'm hurt or down it helps me recover fast because I'm able to express and sing what I truly feel .